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M3 Issue 1

Issue # 1

Winner of the "Best Comic Book" award at the 2012 Burbank International Film festival, the premiere issue of the series about an assassin and the FBI agent tracking her. Written by Erica Schultz and penciled, inked and colored by legendary artist Vicente Alcázar, M3 is a thriller that will leave you wanting more.

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M3 Issue 2

Issue # 2

Agent Morris is on M3's trail, bringing in extra help from the bureau to gather all the information he can on her. Meanwhile, M3 has another target to hit. And a man from Machiavella's past comes back to haunt her. Cover art by comic powerhouse Bill Sienkiewicz.

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M3 Issue 3

Issue # 3

Agent Morris' past converges with the woman he calls, "M3," shedding some more light on his obsessions with her. And a dangerous new assignment in Chicago may be the last one for our woman with the scar. Cover art by Andrée Maitland.

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M3 Issue 4

Issue # 4

Barely escaping with her life, Machiavella revisits her childhood after her parents' murder, and her past becomes clearer. Also, the strings that are pulling M3 along her path are more visible, and are in danger of being cut. Cover art by Erica Schultz.

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M3 Issue 5 Issue # 5

Desperate for an ally, M3 goes to the most unlikely of people: Morris. Will he be able to put their pasts aside and help? And we gain insight into the event that led Machiavella to the path of assassin. Cover art by Chris Notarile TD and Chris R. Notarile.
M3 Issue 6 Issue # 6

Not knowing who to trust, Machiavella bets it all on Agent Morris, the man whose been tracking her since his father's death. Will he turn her in once he's used her to get to her handlers? This is the conclusion of the first story arc for M3. Cover art by Rick Buckler.
M3 Trade paperback Trade Paperback

The entire first story arc of M3 (Issues 1-6) collected in Volume 1. See the story unfold seamlessly in one trade paperback. Including a foreword by comic book legend Larry Hama, pin ups by Chris, Giarrusso, Joel Adams and J. David Spurlock, and more!
M3 Issue 7 Issue # 7

She's back and with a vengeance! M3 has returned from her trip to Belfast to begin her new life in Washington, DC. As much as things change, they tend to stay the same.
M3 Issue 8 Issue # 8

Who is this mysterious new woman, and who wants her dead? What does Vella find in Morris' apartment? M3 is back, and her story continues. With cover artwork by Nouri Zander and Jayel Draco.
M3 Issue 9 Issue # 9

Maggie and Vella's pasts are revealed in more detail. Marco learns a dark secret about his father. Morris' loyalty to Vella is called into question. And a young man from Vella's past shows up, unannounced. Cover art by Femforce artist Scott Larson.
M3 Issue 10 Issue # 10

Vella's first assassination is revealed, and a past relationship comes back to haunt her. Maggie tries to learn more about her sister. Morris and Vella make an unlikely alliance with Vella's competition. Cover art by Dead Man's Party artist Scott Barnett.
M3 Issue 11 Issue # 11

Seamus and Morris have words on their way to Rome to confront the Parlati family. Maggie meets Otto's mom. Someone is going to die. Cover art by Jay E. Fife and Moose Baumann
M3 Issue 12 Issue # 12

Morris, Seamus, and Vella deal with the aftermath in Italy, but not everyone is coming home. This is the final issue of the M3 series.
M3 Trade paperback Vol 2 Trade Paperback Vol. 2

Vella teams up with FBI Special Agent Morris to unravel a family secret long buried. What they learn changes Vella’s whole world. Discover the surprising conclusion to the award-winning crime series. Collecting issues #7-#12.

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Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill:
A Documentary

What happens if Winston Churchill found a time machine during World War 2? Find out!

$5 USD

A love story

Love happens...even on a dairy farm.

$5 USD
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